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​​Dutch Men Win

​April 7, 2015

A study in The Proceedings of the Royal Society B noted that Dutch men have gained an impressive 20cm, in height, in the last 150 years, and have now replaced US men as the tallest men in the world. At one time, US men were 5 to 8cm taller than the Dutch, but the US men have lost their stature. Reasons why include, the Dutch having not only more babies, but an increased infant survival rate as well. The study also notes that US men are now the fattest men on the planet…

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​​Furry People

April 16, 2015 

Oxytocin, the hormone that gives parents the “warm-fuzzies”, rose in dogs, as well as their masters, when eye contact was made. Researchers gathered urine samples from both, the canines and their human counter parts, as eye-to-eye contact was made. Scientist say this may mean your pooch really is emotionally attached to you, as opposed to just wanting another biscuit…​

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​​Fox News

August 6, 2013

Salon, the online media group, is chastising Fox News for making their watchers distrust scientist. Global warming is real, and Fox is still in denial. Worse yet, Fox is telling its viewers that there is no Climate Change/Global Warming. (No worries - Fox wouldn’t know the difference). The attack on science seems to be working. Fox viewers overwhelmingly distrust science…

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​​King of the Pills

May 8, 2015

 ​Raymond Schinazi, an Organic Chemist, academic and entrepreneur, has cashed in to the tune of $440 million on the drug sofosbuvir for the treatment of Hepatitis C. That’s not all he’s done…

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