The Bio Lady​

A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO I decided to invest in me...sound strange? Well, that's just what I did. I went back to school as a non-traditional student! Yep, one of those old people you see in class. 

BUSINESS PROVED TO BE way too boring. I fell asleep in class. HA! So I changed majors and found Biology. It was not only fascinating, it was challenging. No more sleeping! Now, I not only paid attention, I obsessed. It takes hours and hours - fact memorization, concept learning and the vocab...don't get me started on the vocab. But, I succeeded. In the end I attained my Master of Science degree, only to turn around and teach for the University (what an honor!).

WHAT I LEARNED along the way is that science doesn't need to be scary, complicated, or difficult. I once had a high school instructor tell be that anything difficult can be made easy. I'm beginning to believe he was right. All it needs is the right angle of delivery. And therein is the goal of this website: to make science accessible and understandable. With your input, I know I can do it....

Jennifer "Jen" Wysocki

Shippensburg University - Biology M.S.